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Xyratex Advances Lustre® Initiative and Assumes Ownership of Related Assets; Will Continue to Provide Support to Lustre Customers

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Congratulations to Xyratex’s very own Nikitas Angelina for his contributions of the core Network Request Scheduler functionality in the upcoming Lustre 2.4 release. The Network Request Scheduler feature optimizes the utilization of Lustre resources and increases read throughput across the filesystem.

Lustre® Trademark Information


Xyratex: committed to the community and the future of the Lustre file system.

Xyratex, one of the leaders in the Lustre community, is committed to supporting Open Lustre on Linux and significantly contributing to the Lustre roadmap and releases.

Xyratex recognizes the importance of having an industry standard benchmark and acceptance testing for data I/O performace. Our vision is to see the Lustre Community set a common benchmark to be used for evaluating performance. Please click here to download our I/O Benchmark Test Methodology.

Lustre Resources

Xyratex Publishes Graphical Analysis of Lustre Commit Messages by Issue Type

Xyratex continues to enhance the quality of the Lustre Codebase:

Xyratex 1.8 to 2.x Migrator Tool

The Lustre Migrator Tool is a utility produced by Xyratex for the Lustre community.

Learn more about the migration procedure, or download the migration utility.

We recommend upgrading the MDS/MDT component from Lustre 1.8 to 2.x level software to improve file system performance, and to enable full 2.x functionality.


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