Drive Processing

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Xyratex sets the table for the worldwide production of hard disk drives.

We are the largest disk drive processing equipment supplier to the hard disk drive manufacturing industry – more than half of all hard disk drives manufactured worldwide use Xyratex technology. Every major disk drive manufacturer and their component suppliers turn to Xyratex equipment and innovation to meet today’s demanding technology and productivity requirements.

Xyratex incorporates state-of-the-art system and process technology into a product portfolio that spans disk drive manufacturing with process, inspection and test equipment.  Manufacturers can choose from a range of Xyratex solutions that provide the best balance of performance and cost, ranging from substrate and media inspection systems to fully automated and manual solutions that control the operating environment during final drive assembly and testing. 


Drive Processing Systems

With over 3 million test slots installed worldwide, the Optimus and XCalibre Drive Processing Systems (DPS) for 2.5" and 3.5" form factor drives enhance overall test quality and factory yields for HDD manufacturers.

Xyratex DPS products are the result of industry-leading R&D combined with years of experience in drive and drive test equipment development and manufacturing. With multiple products and product configurations to choose from, HDD manufacturers are able to pick the solution that provides the best balance of performance and cost of ownership.

DPS products utilize thermal modulation control with highest dynamic isolation to create the ideal testing environment for each individual drive. System design accommodates testing of multiple drive types within the same system; allowing maximum drive density and operational flexibility.

The automation infrastructure of Xyratex DPS products allows for easy integration into the factory environment. The modular approach to system design also facilitates maximum return on capital investment through technical extendibility.