FDMI™ - File Data Management Interface

Data management is a hugely important aspect of storage, and yet interoperable standard approaches to perform it have been slow in coming.  A few frameworks have become widely used, with DPMI for backup probably leading the pack.  Emerging initiatives such as IRODS hold promise to bring order to rule oriented data management and middleware.  Others such as DMAPI for HSM have seen success but limited adoption, with a few vendors supplying applications and strict interoperability requirements.

Heading to SBAC-PAD-2001 in Brazil . . .

This Thursday, I’ll be speaking at South America’s largest HPC conference about breaking the I/O bottleneck in HPC storage so please join us if you’re planning on to be at the conference. I feel that as an industry, we face many architectural challenges around creating a compute/storage architecture that can perform and scale to meet the requirements of tomorrow’s large Petascale and eventually, Exascale systems.