How do you get to First in Market? Practice, practice, practice!

Today we announced the support of WD’s RE 4TB SAS drives in our OneStor™ line of enclosures and application platforms. This is the first 4TB drive available on any platform with all of the benefits of enterprise class SAS, and when combined with Xyratex's ultra dense 5U84 enclosure, enables up to 2.5PB of storage in a rack.

Transforming Xyratex

The data storage market has always proven an exciting market to be a part of. Less than ten years ago the industry was dealing with new mobile drives, doubling capacity numbers, emergence of new mobile devices (Smartphones, etc) and significant growth rates in the Enterprise. Before that it was the constant evolution of interface technologies, several performance types (recall the introduction of 15k disk drives?) and the focus on Enterprise quality.

It’s a Good Time to be in the Storage Business!

June was a busy month here at Xyratex.  Truth be told, it’s always busy around this place.  Being industry leaders does not mean we get to lounge around and rest on our laurels!

Xyratex Leads the way with 12 Gb/s SAS!

Last week was another exciting week for the Xyratex 12 Gb/s SAS product development team as several members were involved in on-site testing of vendor prototype 12 Gb/s SAS SSDs in our OneStor™ 2U12, 2U24 and 4U24 enclosures!  Using the same prototype 12 Gb/s SAS expander-based I/O module that Xyratex demonstrated last month at the SCSI Trade Association’s Technology Showcase in Santa Clara, CA, 12 Gb/s links were quickly established between the I/O module and the drives in all three of the enclosures, allowing the team to make prelim