Xyratex Contributes Xperior Automated Test Platform for Lustre® to Open Source Community

Putting Lustre to the test!When we embarked on the development of our ClusterStor™ solutions, our goal was to raise the bar in terms of the stability of Lustre based systems. As part of this challenge we recognized that we needed a new approach to testing Lustre® itself to provide a solid foundation for our systems. ClusterStor is a fully integrated scale-out Lustre file system solution that required extensive testing scenarios to ensure the highest level of uptime, performance and stability.

Transforming Xyratex

The data storage market has always proven an exciting market to be a part of. Less than ten years ago the industry was dealing with new mobile drives, doubling capacity numbers, emergence of new mobile devices (Smartphones, etc) and significant growth rates in the Enterprise. Before that it was the constant evolution of interface technologies, several performance types (recall the introduction of 15k disk drives?) and the focus on Enterprise quality.

Leading Analyst says ClusterStor™ Facilitates "out-of-box" rapid deployment

I spoke with hundreds of Lustre® file system users last week at the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) in Hamburg Germany and the universal response was wide open eyes and joy when hearing ClusterStor 6000 deployment is a snap – it only requires physical installation and simple setup steps.  ISC attendees agreed that their past deployment experiences have been painful.

Introducing ClusterStor™ 6000

Tired of your compute cluster waiting on file system I/O? Are you interested in seeing high performance data storage that will make your HPC environment scream? Well today, we just announced our latest edition to the ClusterStor series of products and it is the ultimate in HPC data storage. ClusterStor 6000 can deliver huge performance at massive scale in a lot less space, power and cooling than any other storage system. So what?…well despite their claims most other HPC storage systems are all bark and no bite.

Live from HPCS - Canada

Hello from Vancouver! I am here at the High Performance Computing Symposium as part of BCNET & HPCS 2012 which is Canada’s premier HPC forum.  The three day Symposium looks to be an exciting one with close to 500 high profile delegates from various disciplines within the research and HPC communities.  

Webinar - InfiniBand-based Storage for Efficient and Scalable High Performance Computing

I had the recent opportunity on January 25,2012 to participate with our valuable partner Mellanox Technologies, Ltd. in a joint educational webinar. Mellanox is a leading supplier of high-performance, end-to-end connectivity solutions for data center servers and storage systems and Xyratex currently utilizes their InfiniBand technology as part of our ClusterStor™ 3000 storage solutions.

Yearning for Simpler Times

Why does storage for HPC have to be so hard? Building HPC data storage using traditional servers, storage systems and network fabrics (SAN) gets in the way of simplicity, performance and resiliency for those that just care about getting to their research results.