SDA Solution

Geospatial Data Collection and Analysis.

Departments and agencies in the Defense and Intelligence Communities need timely and accurate geospatial data to make decisions quickly. To meet this need, organizations currently use a series of classifications and security measures set up on separate networks and systems, with each designed for a specific classification. The result is a complex web of unconnected systems for collection and storage that can increase the time it takes to review relevant data as users switch between systems to review data and reports of varying classifications. The ClusterStor Secure Data Appliance (SDA) resolves this problem by providing a truly Multilevel Security (MLS) scale-out parallel file system appliance. The ClusterStor SDA replaces numerous smaller systems with an environment having a single globally concurrent namespace, which enforces access control and securely stores geospatial data of different classifications. 

Mitigating Insider Threat Activities

Innovative companies and government organizations have spent a great deal of time and money protecting their intellectual property and national intelligence assets from external data security breaches. However, equally important concern must be placed on threats created by insider activities. The ClusterStor SDA delivers the means to detect, block and report on both internal and external security threats, using low level security protections including Mandatory Access Control (MAC) and explicit audit logging / tracking. In addition to blocking access, this monitors, records and reports on every action taken on the system, with the ability to immediately alert and notify security officials on any suspicious activities.

Real Time Full Motion Video (FMV)

As technology advances and geopolitical complexity increases, collecting and analyzing Full Motion Video (FMV) in real-time is becoming vital to the Defense and Intelligence Communities, where teams of users quickly access and share data while maintaining confidentiality of information sources and associated data, as well as comply with the necessary data clearance and classification systems. However, the technological challenge of collecting, storing and collaboratively distributing tens of petabytes (PB) of FMV data is only a fraction of the problem. The magnitude of the total problem is to take the performance throughput and storage capacity of the world’s fastest super computer, combined with strict compliance to national security data protection standards, and yet further combined with industry first introduction of low level data access enforcement and logging mechanisms, purpose-built all within a single-system solution. Introducing the ClusterStor SDA complete engineered solution, providing Multilevel Security (MLS) for storing and distributing multiple classification levels of FMV data at massive scale.