Our Passion for Innovation

Our business is data storage – our passion is innovation. From disk drive heads and media to enterprise storage platforms and High Performance Computing environments, every technological leap we make helps make data storage faster, more reliable and more cost-effective. And helping our customers achieve great things feeds our passion even more. We’re Xyratex – an innovative data storage technology company with more than 25 years of experience. We solve technology challenges in data storage so our customers can solve critical challenges faced throughout the world today – and tomorrow.


Innovation Working for You

Our aggressive investment in innovation produces benefits that show up on our customers’ bottom lines. Though you probably haven’t seen our name on your equipment, you’ll probably find our technology as the basis for many of the solutions in your datacenter. We estimate that Xyratex technology was used in the production of more than half of all hard drives in use worldwide. We’ve led the way in developing disk drive test and process automation equipment as well as highly reliable and ultra-dense enterprise storage, and now we’re blazing the trail in high-performance and big data computing.

We leverage our knowledge and experience-based understanding of customer data storage needs to relentlessly push beyond traditional boundaries. That’s how we’ve been able to create and deliver a fresh, ground-breaking design approach to enterprise class storage that meets the specific needs of High Performance Computing and its ever-expanding scale. That’s how we will continue to advance computing and storage capabilities to serve our customers’ needs.

Advancing the State of the Art

As technology advances and geopolitical complexity increases, collecting and analyzing Full As advanced as our enterprise class storage products are today, we know we – and the industry – need to find new and different technological solutions to meet data storage demands in the short and long-term futures. We’re following a three-pronged approach in our innovation efforts:

Leveraging our Intellectual Property. The same team who earned more than 400 patents and developed, refined and delivered related technologies works every day to build on this core and find ways to create even more customer value. 
Building a Network of Innovation. We work closely with our key partners and customers to develop integrated approaches to the design, development and production of technology solutions, because we realize that collaboration is essential to meeting our industry’s changing storage needs. 
Investing in Fundamental Research. We have research partnerships with leading academic institutions around the world working on developing new technologies and talent to help us meet future needs.