Xyratex Enterprise Quality

Xyratex Enterprise Quality

At Xyratex, we design customer desires and expectations into our products. We deliver solutions. We deliver Quality.

We’re Xyratex – we leverage the know-how we’ve gained through more than 25 years of unique experience that stretches across a wide range of data storage elements and our end-to-end expertise in quality management to deliver data storage solutions that perform with unprecedented reliability.


Quality starts with customer expectations

We place our customer expectations first, so we begin to partner with our customers during product design. Whether customers need scale-out capacity and performance, ultra-high density and low cost per gigabyte, or balanced support for a mix of small-office and branch-office workloads, we consistently deliver quality solutions that solve our customers’ toughest challenges and meet or exceed their expectations. Xyratex is a partner from beginning to end.

We leverage our broad and deep knowledge base

Xyratex brings to the design process a broad and deep knowledge of both storage system design and component quality assurance – many of our 370 patents granted are specifically focused on improving the quality of storage in system and solution architectures.  Only with our thorough knowledge of the complex interaction of applications, file system, enclosures, and management software can we design data storage solutions that meet our customer’s enterprise quality requirements.

Quality flows through our supply chain

At Xyratex, we partner with trusted third-party suppliers to deliver a number of the critical components we use in building quality data storage solutions. Because we place customer satisfaction first, “good enough” is never good enough. We strive for continuous process improvement and we continually challenge our process and those of our suppliers. The Xyratex Enterprise Quality Framework enables us to design and deliver the highest quality storage solutions available on the market.

Testing yields designed-in quality

We know customers expect Xyratex data storage solutions will meet the demands of always-on operation. Xyratex earns its reputation for unprecedented reliability by feeding back into the design process the knowledge it gains through testing and tracking the latest information on component reliability, pre-shipment fault-analysis and in-the field system reliability experience. Xyratex embraces this philosophy of continuous improvement to achieve designed-in quality, ensuring that the best products available on the market keep getting better.

Innovation feeds quality

Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop with what we learned yesterday and doesn’t end at our door. We invest aggressively in innovation, working every day to find new ways to create even more customer value by making data storage faster, more reliable and more cost-effective. Through strategic alliances with our partners and our participation in key industry associations we keep our knowledge base and our quality efforts tuned to the latest developments in this rapidly changing world of technology.


Xyratex is a global supplier that has adopted the latest in continuous improvement standards for both quality and environmental management. Xyratex meets the quality standards of ISO 9001: 2008 and the environmental management standards of ISO 14001: 2004. Beyond these standards, Xyratex is committed to compliance with customer standards and governmental safety, environmental and other regulatory standards. As a trusted, global partner, Xyratex takes the worry out of remaining in compliance with a growing body of country-specific, regional, and international regulations.