Governance and People

Governance and People

Xyratex operates a variety of policies that have been formulated to ensure the company operates with an inspired and motivated workforce that functions on a foundation of sound business ethics and continued support. An Employee Assistance Programme is permanently maintained to provide advice on business, personal and career matters, and management operate with an open door policy to encourage interaction and communication.
Xyratex is committed to driving innovation throughout its product ranges and consistently achieving this requires commitment and direction and the dedication of employees throughout the organization.

Inspiring Innovation

To maintain our leadership position in delivering innovative new solutions to market ahead of the competition, Xyratex consistently strives to create an inspirational working environment. By generating a working environment that encourages employees to communicate openly, think outside the box and strive to invent and improve, Xyratex has become renowned for being first to market with market leading disruptive technologies.

Forging Employee Relations

Xyratex operates with a friendly open work environment that actively encourages personal development and supports employees achieving professional accreditation where possible. This combined with a team approach to problem solving has enabled Xyratex to maintain a strong base of talented employees. Many employees have remained loyal to the organization since its inception and our policy of continued improvement and employee support has ensured Xyratex continues to attract many of the most talented graduates each year.

Encouraging Career Progression

Xyratex operates a managed appraisal system and offers promotion on a personal achievement basis. The organization operates with a talented international workforce and remains strongly committed to ensuring the work place does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, religion or ethnic group. Additionally several enhanced employee benefits and services packages are in operation throughout our global locations, these ensure all employees have access to a diverse network of support designed to enhance career opportunities, personal development and provide continual training and support.

Ethical Trading and Business Conduct

Xyratex employs and enforces several codes of business conduct related to both ethical trading and internal employee conduct. As a publicly traded organization, employees receive regular education and updates to insider trading regulations and guidelines which are available to download from internal intranet sites and published in Xyratex’s employee hand books. Also in operation is a well established ‘employee hotline’, where employees can raise concerns on accounting, auditing or corporate governance matters.