Charity and Community

Charity and Community

As an organization driving technical innovation Xyratex works closely with a variety of schools and universities to encourage learning, inspire the next generation of engineers and facilitate joint development networks to share expertise with leading global academic institutions.

Xyratex also strives to be a good neighbor to communities local to regional offices and facilitates, and actively encourages the support of local charitable causes. Xyratex has a long history of community involvement and supports participation in local activities, programs and councils.

Sharing Expertise and Encouraging Learning

As an engineering organization, Xyratex recognizes the importance of encouraging future generations to develop an interest and pursue engineering related careers. Working initially at a local level, longstanding relationships have been operating with schools and universities in Hampshire near the UK headquarters. Students participate in both week long work experience programs and industrial trainee internships of between six months and a year. This has recently been expanded to include universities across the USA.

Click here for the Opportunities Fair brochure, produced for use in local schools in the UK.

In recent years Xyratex has expanded these working projects to include joint research and development projects and now works closely with Universities across the UK, Europe and America. Many of these projects include participation from several organizations and universities and are funded by the European Union.

Assisting, Supporting and Encouraging

Xyratex believes that helping people improve the quality of life in their communities is an essential part of our corporate responsibility. Our charitable donations policy is to support organizations within the communities local to our operations, which specifically assist underprivileged children (either directly or indirectly) and which receive no support from nationally organized charities.

Each year employees in each location are invited to nominate local children’s charities to receive donations support and funding. This method allows Xyratex to directly contribute to those charities that operate in the local community and those which employees dedicate personal time to. In addition individual locations have charitable days each year whereby money is raised via donations from employees to support individual, national or international charities.

In addition to internally managed initiatives within these key areas, Xyratex is also pleased to recognize our employees throughout the world who devote personal time and energy to a variety of worthy causes. This dedication is a driving force behind the Charity and Community section of our policy and Xyratex is pleased to assist these individuals in their endeavors by providing both flexible working hours and financial support.

Charities supported by Xyratex include:


  • Home-Start Havant - helping needy families with young children
  • Off the Record - counselling and support for teenagers in need
  • KIDS - support for disabled children and their families
  • Havant Women's Aid - refuge for women and children suffering domestic abuse
  • StreetGames UK - sports and volunteering opportunities for disabled children
  • Whizz-Kidz - equipment and support for disabled children



  • Santa Clara Family Health Foundation - promotes access to affordable, high quality healthcare to needy children in the community.

  • Healthy Kids, Healthy Future - promotes access to comprehensive, affordable, and continuous health coverage to uninsured children.

  • Yolo County Children's Alliance - provides health, education, and social services to low income children.


Asia Pacific

  • Pertubuhan Anak Yatim Darul Aminan (Darul Aminan Orphanage Foundation)

  • Persatuan Kebajikan Vinashini (Disabled Care Centre)

  • The Rainbow Centre - early intervention and education for disabled children in Singapore