Xyratex's presence in Europe, America and Asia, with production facilities in each, makes us a truly global company with corporate responsibilities which have grown and will continue to grow with us.

We take our responsibility for the environment seriously, regarding our own activities and those of our suppliers, and endeavor to support the environmental aims and initiatives of our customers. We recognize the global effort in this aspect of business and are playing our part. Environmental responsibility is integral to producing world class products.

Xyratex Environmental Policy

Xyratex’s product strategy addresses the needs of our customers and their marketplaces. The importance of the relationships between Xyratex's technology, our customers and their markets is reflected in our approach to the environment. Xyratex endeavors to identify and minimize the negative environmental impacts of its products and business activities. This will be achieved through the Xyratex Environmental Management System, which aims to ensure that:

  • Xyratex products and activities comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations;
  • We reduce the use of materials, or alternatively re-use, recycle and recover materials, to minimize the overall consumption of natural resources and the requirement for landfill and disposal;
  • We develop eco-efficient products and production processes and prevent pollution;
  • We support our customers in the pursuit of their environmental objectives;
  • We communicate appropriately on environmental matters internally and externally;
  • We present an image which accurately reflects our environmental performance and objectives;
  • We continually improve our environmental performance.

Xyratex Products and the Environment

Our Environmental Policy emphasizes the importance of product design in our environmental considerations. Xyratex is committed to compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, including the restriction of hazardous substances in all of our electrical and electronic products.

Xyratex recognizes the hazards associated with these substances and will prohibit the use of all substances identified within the RoHS Directive. It's Xyratex’s objective to ensure all our products sold within the European Union comply with the RoHS Directive.

Xyratex is also committed to designing for the environment to ensure all products are capable of being recycled within the requirements of the WEEE Directive.

To meet these objectives, Xyratex is actively investigating alternative materials to use within its product range; Xyratex is performing extensive research on substitute materials to ensure that the alternatives are technically feasible and to ensure that product performance or quality isn't compromised. Progress on these activities is communicated to our customers.

Xyratex Compliance with European RoHS Directive

In response to the European directives 2002/95/EC and 2011/65/EU on the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), Xyratex has confirmed our full compliance with this legislation for all our products on the market within the European Union.

Compliance requires certain categories of electronic equipment to contain less than defined thresholds of 6 specified substances for products placed on the market in the European Union.

Product sold outside of the European Union continues to comply with all local environmental legislation.

For further information on the RoHS compliance of Xyratex products, please contact us at rohs@xyratex.com or +44 (0)23 9249 6000.

Xyratex Activities and the Environment

Xyratex is registered through BSI to the international environmental management systems standard ISO 14001:2004, and holds Xyratex ISO Certificates for our manufacturing sites.

Xyratex Suppliers and the Environment

The selection and expert management of our suppliers is central to our business. How our suppliers fulfill their responsibilities to the local and global environment, including their part in the creation of our products, is a major factor in our relationship with them. We've developed a Xyratex Supplier Environmental Requirements document which has the following objectives:

  • Define the materials and substances to be disclosed by suppliers and sub-suppliers when those materials and substances are present in Xyratex current products and sub-parts;
  • Establish those materials and substances which should not be intentionally added or used above the threshold level specified on all new product parts and sub-parts;
  • Guide Xyratex suppliers on material composition reporting requirements; and
  • Determine through assessment whether a supplier is actively complying with the current environmental laws and guidelines as required by Xyratex.