Business Value

Business Value

Xyratex does more than assemble components and build data storage solutions. Xyratex delivers value.

We’re Xyratex – a leading data storage technology company with more than 25 years of unique experience that stretches across a wide range of data storage elements from disk drive heads and media to enterprise storage platforms and High Performance Computing environments.

Our value proposition is built on our commitment to place customer expectations first. We leverage our deep storage technology knowledge base and our experience-based understanding of customer data storage needs to relentlessly push beyond traditional boundaries. Our customers have responded:

  • We estimate that Xyratex technology was used in the production of more than half of all hard drives in use worldwide today.
  • IDC has ranked Xyratex as the #1 supplier of disk storage systems to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) community for four years running.

In this rapidly changing world of technology “good enough” is never good enough. Our aggressive investment in innovation aims to help our customers achieve great things with data storage that’s even faster, more reliable and more cost-effective. The same team who developed our patent portfolio of 370 filings worldwide and developed, refined and delivered game-changing technologies works every day to create even more value our customers see on their bottom lines:

  • We’ve led the way in developing disk drive test and process automation equipment.
  • Now we’re blazing the trail with a fresh, ground-breaking design approach to enterprise class storage that meets the specific needs of High Performance Computing and its ever-expanding scale.

We continually challenge our processes and our suppliers to create end-to-end expertise in quality management and continuous improvement of storage solutions that extends from the component supplier to the end user:

  • Through our enterprise quality framework Xyratex delivers the highest-quality solutions available on the market
  • Our customers experience unprecedented reliability, efficiency and profitability.

Xyratex leads the way, providing a wide range of innovative storage solutions that meet customer needs and deliver value beyond customer expectations. When you choose Xyratex, the whole truly is greater than the sum of its parts.